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Setting a New Standard for Arizona Militias'

The Arizona State Militia is currently seeking new recruits in all counties within the state!

All citizens are welcome regardless of experience, skills, or abilities, including individuals with the following backgrounds: Military, Federal, Government, Medical, Law Enforcement, Skilled Trades, Engineers, Business Owners, Professionals, and Lawyers to name a few.

The Arizona State Militia exists primarily to promote and defend the inalienable God-given rights of all Arizona citizens, regardless of race, sex or national origin, as is expressed in the Arizona Constitution and the Bill of Rights of the U.S. Constitution.


ASM focuses on training and mobilization as one of its primary functions. We train primarily for mobilization in response to threats against the sovereignty of our state, country or the liberties of citizens as well as various emergency scenarios which are likely in the State of Arizona as well as humanitarian efforts as a result of disasters.


The one significant thing that the Arizona State Militia has at it’s disposal, is manpower. Due to being a statewide organization, we have members all throughout the state, with membership in the hundreds.

While our primary mission is the protection of the State of Arizona and United States Sovereignty and the protection of the liberties of it’s citizens, many of our members joined because they wanted to make a difference in their local communities.

Starting in 2014, the Arizona State Militia has taken on an initiative to give back to the communities, where we can leverage our manpower to make a difference. Previously, ASM has taken on some small humanitarian initiatives with success.

If you are thinking of becoming a member of the Arizona State Militia, know that you will not only be training for mobilization, but also be utilized for efforts around giving back to the community.

ASM will provide material or logistical assistance, which can utilize our manpower, in proactive ways, such as building houses for the poor, feeding the hungry, helping at local shelters or raising money, as well as responding to any humanitarian crises to support other organizations.

Aid is funded by our own members, as well as donations from contributors who support the Arizona State Militia mission. If you would like to contribute, take some time to visit the “Donations” page for more information on how you can support our efforts.


The Arizona State Militia actively forms coalitions with officials, as well as other organizations and militias in order to further accomplish its mission.

Based on the Arizona State Militia’s core values and mission statement, we align ourselves with other like minded organizations which exist to defend and protect the sovereignty of the United States and the State of Arizona as well as defend the liberties of it’s citizens.

As an organization, we have already met with leaders of the State of Arizona as well as local officials, and are actively engaging to plan for the best use of our manpower in times of need as well as establishing relationships with other groups so we have allies and communication channels open.

As a militia, we are not trying to go about responding to threats and emergencies alone. Just as you, a fellow patriot should not go it alone, neither are we as an organization.

If you are a representative from a government agency, an organization that is like minded or a militia that wants to establish a relationship and open communication channels, go to the “Contacts” section of this web site and reach out to us.

The Arizona State Militia is a militia unit serving the state of Arizona, headquartered out of southeast Arizona, but with Battalions statewide. The ASM serves to protect the Constitutionally guaranteed rights of all Arizona citizens as well as to provide community assistance in times of crisis, emergency, disaster, or war.